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Careers in Emirates

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Ajman is a rapidly growing city that has been experiencing incredible changes the last years. Twenty years ago it was just a small and unknown city. Nowadays, it is not only a famous emirate but a business destination as well. Careers in Emirates are sought after by many professional around the world. Many expats consider a career in Middle East exciting, and dream to work in Emirates and earn hefty salaries. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most popular places for career seekers followed by Sharjah. The next most popular career destination is Ajman. Ajman means 'small city' in Arabic. This city’s population increased rapidly the last few years and this growth has created the need for improved living and working conditions leading to construction, engineering and manufacturing works across the city.

As a result, careers in Emirates and especially in Ajman have grown even more, offering new openings to those with relevant education and experience.The property, construction and health care sectors in Ajman are also developing very fast and the government is trying continuously to improve them. They spent a lot of money to create progress in these sectors and the truth is that they are doing a very good job. Health care careers in Ajman are plenty, awaiting experienced health care professionals who can enhance industry’s value.

The cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi is the manufacturing and commercial center of UAE. It is also the capital and the second largest city of the Emirates. The city has also witnessed development and progress in recent years generating thousands of careers in Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the world's most preferred career destination, leaving Dubai in the second position. It is also one of the most luxurious, expensive and richest capitals in the world. The banking sector is experiencing a booming thus creating a great demand for banking professionals.

The economy of Emirates has always been reliant on the help from outside, but nowadays for the first time, it tries to become self-sufficient. The government is encouraging citizens to participate more in the economic development and the result is fewer careers in Emirates for expats. And although the government appreciates expats for their services, careers in Emirates are always, intentionally, short term or contractual. Emirates are trying constantly the last years to make room for natives across several business sectors.

UAE is the land of opportunities in its true sense for those looking for a bigger paycheck and better career opportunities. Careers in Emirates and the free trade zones in the country are gaining huge popularity among jobseekers and companies from outside the region. Be aware though that the global crisis increased job competition tremendously.

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