Hotel jobs in Dubai

Hotel jobs in Dubai

How to find hotel jobs in Dubai

What do you think about the possibility of working in the planet’s best underwater resort? What about the chance of working in the most luxurious hotel in the whole world? If you find the above possibilities tempting then you must consider looking for hotel jobs in Dubai. Maybe you think that there are so many hotels already in Dubai that there is no room for any more. But the country's vacation industry is growing at such speed that there is still a shortage of rooms. Actually, Emirates are going to create 10.000 more hotel rooms by the end of 2012. So if the idea of working in a luxury hotel like “Burj Al Arab” looks very appealing to you, then better start freshen up your CV. But be prepared for the fierce competition for hotel jobs in Dubai and in general in UAE. Yes, there are a lot of new hotel jobs in Dubai created every day, but there are also a lot more highly skilled candidates.

To increase your odds of finding a hotel job in Dubai, take a minute and think through the following list:

1. Find your choices. Start your investigation by finding out which hotels in Dubai or maybe Emirates in general are hiring at the moment.

2. Decide what hotel job exactly would you like. Which hotel unit you think would be the best for your skills and education?

3. Try to create a network. Create a nice and professional profile in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and publish your skills and achievements.

4. Extend your horizons. If you have previous experience as a receptionist, why not consider something a little different, like working as a room service delivery personnel? Of course do not expect to be considered for the position of the general manager if your background in the hotel industry is in Front Desk Clerk. If you are looking for a very well paid hotel job in Dubai, ensure you have the required qualifications for your application to be considered seriously.

5. Find out the details of living and working in hotel job in Dubai. Do not think that you can act as you want in any given situation. Never forget that Dubai is still an Islamic nation, and there are specific procedures and rules that everyone has to follow. Learn everything about the local customs and manners; it might save you a lot of trouble. Registering in special forums and reading about the experiences of émigrés who are already living and working in Dubai is a very good idea.

Emirates Careers wishes you to get your hotel job in Dubai soon.

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